Good Friday 2018


Good Friday @ the Mercury Theatre – Hope and Reconciliation
The Good Friday service was organised by SGBC and involved musicians and singers from across a Cantus Firmus. Revd Dr Russ Parker spoke on “Hope and Reconciliation through the Cross”

The following photographs were taken by Geoff Felton to whom we are grateful and are used with his permission




Colchester Hustings 2015
A very successful evening was held at St Botolph’s last night. Our grateful thanks to St Botolph’s for hosting the evening.
A recording of the evening is available at :

During the evening there were various comments and questions posted to #ColchesterHustings

Photographs are by Geoff Felton

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Good Friday 2015 at the Mercury Theatre
On Good Friday, SGBC led the service at the Mercury Theatre based on the theme “Love to the loveless”. The music worship was led by musicians and singers organised by SGBC, cre8 presented two items and Rt Revd Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester and Patron of SGBC spoke on the theme. The prayers which were projected onto the screen were written by members of the 3rd Colchester Girls’ Brigade

We are grateful to Geoff Felton for taking the following photographs of the service: