Acts Colchester is a subsidiary group withinacts SGBC. The group’s remit is to seek ways of helping our churches engage with, support, resource and bless the communities in which we live, which is why our logo has silhouettes of major landmarks in the town.

We are seeking to do this in a number of different ways, including meeting with the agencies and people in Colchester that shape and support our town. We are aware that they have to make difficult decisions, especially in our current climate of austerity and reductions in public services, and we want to see if there are ways in which churches can help – perhaps by supporting or continuing some of the vital services that are reluctantly being ceased because of reduced budgets.

Acts Colchester is also beginning a process of surveying local churches and Christian agencies to see if we can gain a greater picture of the community provision that is already taking place in order to inform our discussions, discern gaps and raise awareness of what God is doing through his people in this town.

You can contact Acts through this email link.