Castle Methodist Church

Maidenburgh Street

01206 572061

Sunday Worship: 10.30am and 6.30pm


Castle Methodist Church is located off High Street Colchester, beside the ancient castle and on the edge of the Dutch Quarter of the town.

It is a modern building located on the edge of a site occupied by the Great Round Meeting House a venue visited by John Wesley on several of his visits to Colchester. A small pulpit is preserved in the Church from which Wesley actually preached sermons.

Morning services are always recorded with CDs and tapes are sent to those, not necessarily of the Castle congregation, who are unable to attend worship due to illness or infirmity. Anybody wanting to take advantage of this Ministry is asked to make contact with the Church office. Sermons along with details of the readings for each service are also placed on the Church Web-site each week.

The Church has a small Sunday School group together with an Active Boys Brigade (over 100 years old) a Girl Guide group and a Brownie pack.

An elderly persons group and Monthly womens fellowship together with Womens Get Together complete the social activities of the fellowship.

During winter months soup and snack lunches are provided on the first Thursday of each Month to anybody wanting to take part.

On the first Thursday of each month a short servie of Holy Communion is held starting at 1.15 pm. All are welcome to attend this service.

A wide variety of educational groups hire the facilities of the Church on a term by term basis.

The Minister, Revd Catherine Bowstead is responsible for this Church and the Methodist Churches at Highwoods and Mile End Colchester. She is always willing to meet people who feel they have a need to make contact with the Church.

Holy Communion is held at the morning service on the first Sunday of each Month and the evening service on the third Sunday.

The Church office is open on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, coffee mornings are held on Saturdays from 10.00 am to midday. Members of the Church are always present at these coffee mornings and are willing to discuss issues with those wanting to call in.


Rev Catherine Bowstead

Asbury House
3b Cambridge Road

01206 573061

Weekly Events


10.30am – Worship and Sunday School
Evening Worship (twice monthly on the first and third Sundays, in association with the Churches of the town centre parish) at 6.30pm – (4.00pm in January and February)


6.30pm – Brownies
7.45pm – Women’s Get Together


2.30pm – Women’s Fellowship once a month
6.15pm – Boys’ Brigade, Anchor and Junior Sections
7.00pm – Boys’ Brigade, Company Section


12 noon to 1.30pm – Soup and Snack Lunch on first Thursday during winter months
1.15pm to 1.45pm – Service of Holy Communion on first Thursday of each month
2.30pm – Senior Citizens
7.45pm – Choir Practice


6.30pm – Girl Guides


10.00am to 12 noon – Coffee Morning