St Leonard’s, Lexden

Church Lane

Sunday Worship: 8.00am, 7.45am, and 6.30pm.  See website for details.


We strive to be an inclusive parish church, where Christians of many traditions would feel welcome. We hope, too, that those who are ‘seekers’, and curious to question and explore the faith, will feel welcome and accepted among us. Our ministry to the wider parish is important; and we strive to serve the local community of Lexden, and to be open and welcoming to those from within the parish asking for baptism, marriage and funerals.

Weekly Events


Please see website for details of Sunday services.


Morning Prayer is normally said on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9.00am.


Holy Communion is celebrated on Wednesday at 10.00am


Holy Communion is celebrated on Thursday at 8.00am
Evening Prayer is normally said on Thursday at 5.30pm